Assignment 1: The Democratic Document 

As I have already detailed in a previous post (thoughts on selection, processing and presentation) one of the ideas I had for this assignment was to ask for peer feedback and use this as the basis for my image selection. Although this was something I eventually decided against, I decided to follow up this experiment to see where ideas about random selection would take me. From the beginning, I had thoughts of displaying images in a grid format – something that would allow the images to interact closely with each other. This was also driven by thoughts about the presentation style of the Becher’s – the key difference being that my images would show chaos rather than the calm order that typifies their work. The approaches are detailed below:

1. Numerical approach – ordered by division. 

(The images from approaches 1 and 2 are presented in colour, unmanipulated and uncropped – unlike the last two approaches which are the edited and black and white versions as these were the way I put these out for peer comment)

I took 3139 images in total, divided by 9 (the number of sections in my grid formations) this equalled 348.66. This meant the following distribution of file numbers for selection: 349, 1046, 1395, 1743, 2092, 2441, 2789, 3138.

1. Democratic Document 1-divided by 92. Random generator 

Clive White on the OCA student forum responded to my request for feedback by pointing me towards this website

Which allowed me to generate 9 file numbers from 1-3139, here are two of the results of doing this:

2. Democratic Document - random generator 12b. Democratic Document - random generator 23. My initial selection 

This was based on my initial ‘intuitive’ approach, interestingly, there are only 3 images here that made my final selection.

3. Democratic Document - My choice4. Student selection 

These are the images that are based on the ‘votes’ cast by students – only two of these images were in my final selection and none in my initial ‘intuitive’ choices.

4. Democratic Document - Student selectionAs I have said earlier, this is very much an experiment and one that I have ultimately decided against. Potentially, however, there are germs of a future project here-something I may return to at some point. Since receiving my tutor feedback I have been considering some comments made about my selections, particularly some suggestions made about changes. I have deliberately left some space between considering these comments and going back to my selections to see if they would make any difference to how I feel about them.

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