Susie Linfield: Vogue Italia Interview (2014)

Glaviano, A. (2014) Susie Linfield interview. Vogue Italia, June 19th 2014. Available online: [accessed 9th May 2017]

This interview was cited by a respondent to the blog post ‘what makes a document’ for exercise 1-3: Time and context. Lots of interesting points made by Susie Linfield in the interview as well as good content in the article – I have her book ‘The cruel radiance’ on the shelf and need to bump this up the reading list.

I particularly like the way Linfield comes at the subject as an academic without a specialist interest in photography. Her challenges to the great thinkers of photography are considered and well thought out – she demonstrates how an opposing viewpoint can be formed and articulated in a way that adds to discourse rather than discounting what is not agreed with. The fact that she approaches this as an outsider of photography is probably a benefit in that she is able to comment without any baggage.

Susie Linfield-Vogue Italia Interview (2014) notes

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