Documentary Hangout 3

4 attendees: Me, Maurice, Johnathon, Leonie

Johnathon – assignment 2

Insta photographs rephotographed

Idea – the ephemerality of the image

Maurice made an interesting point – one of the key elements of photography is the ability to record a moment in time and this approach makes an interesting comment upon that.

Me – working towards assignment 1:

At the point of deciding how to select images – led to an interesting and helpful discussion about this and thoughts and ideas about my approach.

My concerns – selection process goes against the random and objective nature of the projects premise. Possible solutions – display lots of images, perhaps linked by theme e.g. displayed in grids as a kind of anti-Becher approach because random nature of images goes against their level of discipline and singularity of vision. Choose pictures randomly for total taken.

Brief discussion about Eggleston and his way of working of only ever taking one shot of a subject.

Talked about influence of George Georgiou and Last Stop project – confined view of a London bus limited viewpoint and book presents images in a concertina style so they can placed next to each other by the viewer and create their own juxtaposition/sequencing.

Leonie: Assignment 3 – Notions of Self

Series of self portraits exploring different ways we view ourselves and are viewed by others.

Design issues and how to present as a series raised by Leonie – learned to use InDesign as part of the process.

Discussed manipulation and whether this was acceptable, particularly in reference to a couple of images which are manipulated to explore the way we perceive and understand images.

An image of Leonie in a red dress at night lit by car head lights was discussed. Maurice felt the image could be improved with some off camera flash, for me however, the use of the car lights added a different dimension to the picture. I had guessed this was the light source and for me multiple narrative opportunities were presented along with seedy connotations.

Maurice: Assignment 5

Maurice presented 2 ideas for assignment 5-

The first was on the theme of alcohol and society and were a series of environmental portraits of young people in their drinking sheds. Maurice was unaware of drinking sheds but found they were a common way that young people who still lived with their parents managed to find their own space to socialise. He described himself as initially being against the idea but view changed after spending some time on the project. He still had more subjects to find to complete the set and worried about timescales.

The second idea was something Maurice had shown before – a photo essay featuring his father who suffers from dementia and lives in a home. Rather than a negative/emotive portrayal of the condition Maurice wanted to focus on the positives and particularly about how his father now communicated since suffering from the disease and suffering a number of strokes. He was concerned that this response was somehow lazy as it could (and had) been completed quickly and there are many other examples of this type of project. All of us agreed that the work was both strong and personal and urged Maurice to use this for his assignment. For me the contrast between work that was personal, from the heart and provokes an emotional response represented by this project contrasted with the more intellectual, considered and academic approach of the first idea – a concept I still liked and felt had potential.

At the end Leonie discussed her concerns about assignment 4 the critical review as this is not something she had done before. Maurice and Johnathon both offered to share the critical reviews they had completed so far, something I am looking forward to reading myself to see which subjects they have chosen and how they approached them. The possibility of linking the question posed in the critical review into an assignment was mentioned and is an idea I am interested in exploring myself.

As this is now our third meeting the conversation and format of the hangout became more free flowing and natural, we agreed to hold the next hangout in three weeks when I will certainly have to share some work!

Next hangout scheduled 7th May 2017

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