Documentary Hangout 2

Attendance: Anne, Miriam, Maurice, Johnathon

Anne: Idea for assignment 3:

Wild Boar in the Forest of Dean – contentious issue – culling vs. tourist attraction

Other idea leisure in area – inspired by Simon Roberts ‘We English’

Miriam: Assignment 2:

Completely stuck and started part 3 because feels like getting nowhere

Idea of photographing Canary Wharf – sterile, alien environment.

Johnathon – Assignment 2:

Idea to use Insta photographs. Like this idea – taking polaroid pictures is something I would like to explore particularly thinking about the fact that a physical object without a negative is created. Showed some of current street work, really strong black and white with great use of light and shadow.

Maurice – Assignment 5:

Project photographing father who has dementia from his viewpoint. This sort of project is often sad and wants to do something different, especially interested in the communication and challenges father now faces with this since becoming ill. Ideas for series are not a problem but selecting them is more of a challenge.

Me – Assignment 1:

Talked through ideas and that I have started taking images, aim to present something for the group at the next hangout.

At the end of the hangout Maurice showed us how to present images/show screen during the hangout. This was a good share of knowledge from Maurice and will prove helpful for us all for future meetings.

Next hangout scheduled 9th April 2017.

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