Introduction to ‘Photographers’ section

The purpose of this section is to collect thoughts on photographers I admire and study further work I encounter through the course. The notes here are not intended to be full critiques or analysis of an individuals career, but rather, a place to collect my thoughts about work that inspires me. I intend to add to these notes throughout the course, indeed, this is a process that may continue after I have completed documentary. Because of the revisionist nature of this section, the photographers here are presented in alphabetical rather than chronological order.

I started by making a list from the top of my head of photographers that currently inspire me or work I admire. This was an interesting exercise because I quickly amassed a large amount of names and also recognised that there were many more photographers that I had surely missed off. Rather than retrospectively add these, I share my original list here as my ability to remember these names may say something about how important they are to me on an unconscious level. It will be interesting to reflect on this list at the end of the course and see which names I would add or even remove.

Photographers I know and inspire me so far:

Alec Soth
William Eggleston
Simon Norfolk
Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen
Peter Dench
Harry Callahan
Diane Arbus
George Geogiou
Martin Parr
W Eugene Smith
Garry Winogrand
Lee Friedlander
Chris Killip
Joel Sternfeld
Paul Graham
Walker Evans
Dorothea Lange
August Sander
Mark Neville
Stephen Shore
Larry Fink
Alex Webb
Rebecca Norris
Paul Graham
Richard Billingham
Tom Hido
Robert Adams
Ed Ruscha
Jeff Wall
Bertien Van Manen
Eric Kessels
Laura El-Tantawy
Robert Frank
Mishka Henner
David Hurn
Roger Ballen
Kai Weidenhofer
Lorna Simpson
Chris Steele-Perkins
Tony Ray-Jones
Gregory Crewdson
Nan Goldin
Tom Hunter
Andreas Gursky
Pentti Sammallahti
William Klein
Julian Germain
Maciej Dakowicz
Sally Mann
Rineke Dijkstra
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Robert Capa
Ernst Haas
Paul Strand
Don McCullin
John Kippin
Carlos Spottorno
Christina de Middel
Daido Moriyama
Bruce Davidson


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